We started in 1990 with one wagon for our own produce but when the Farmers Goods licence was no longer available we had to finance the more expensive commercial goods licence and insurance by moving other farmer’s produce.

Now, using our own wagons and dedicated in-house vehicles, we carry farm produce in bulk tipper trailers into Liverpool and Manchester mainly, with return loads of raw materials from the processors or the docks to local Mills or first quarried stone and sand from quarries into concrete plants and onto the next pick-up point with the goal of running empty for the least mileage possible.

All our vehicles are TASCC and FORS Accredited

If you have any queries regarding the Haulage services we supply and offer, please do not hesitate in contacting the office on 01244 300321. Please ask for Cara Williams or Ray Payne who are our transport co-ordinators.

Ardens Haulage Limited

Co Reg No: 07245269